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The Village Crier

Tonight a few of the Pinehoof have gone to Thunder Bluff to purchase some supplies. The Broken Horn, who reside not too far away currently, have caught word of our trading trip and invited us to their camp for a quaint meeting, feasting and drinking, with visitors from other tribes and families also dropping by..

Fresh salmon from the ocean was cooked over the bonfire in the heart of the camp, and many mugs of tiswin and firewater have been passed around the gathering. A round of cheers for our hosts!

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Legends tell of long ago, when a great wildfire destroyed the once great jungle forest, leaving only pine trees behind. It is said that if the sacred flame ever went out, the forest would fall to fires once more. The Pinehoof clans of Lion and Ram safe guarded the sacred flame, until tragedy caused the loss of these clans and the flame was extinguished.

But as faith would have it, the last Clan Mother of the Wyvern clan taught the gathered Pinehoof tribe members, new and old, of this lost legend and tradition. With her teachings came the selection of a new flame keeper in honor of the Lion clan by the Clan Mothers, the flame saber kitten Cinders, whose birth in flames will forever keep the sacred flame ablaze. The lost Ram clan was honored with the return of the flame race, which sent racers out into the White Pine Grove to find four elders (Clan Mothers Gaho and Halonah, Elder Wooshy, and Pine Chief Onakona) and return to the sacred flame with the four vials of ashes and offerings. The first to complete this race, and be named Flame Protector for the spring season, was Tahlon Rainwalker!

With the relighting of the sacred flame, a new flame keeper and flame protector, the Pinehoof is once again honoring traditions and prepare for the next that have been nearly lost to time

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More neighbors means more feasts! Tonight we met with the Broken Horn Tribe who just reclaimed their home from the Legion on the other side of Stonetalon! The Chiefs wanted to have the two tribes meet for many weeks, and what better way to do this than with a feast in Sun Rock?

A warm welcome was given, as well as fresh fish from the ocean by the White Pine Grove, cooked with delicious Pandaren spices by Gaho and Halonah. A round of fresh tiswin was passed around the circle, and we all had a most pleasant evening, sharing tales and our ways, as well as having jolly old fun. Thank you to all who could make it to this quaint gathering.

May the friendship between the Broken Horn and Pinehoof flourish an endure for generations to come!

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